Manifestation Part 1 of 8 - How does manifestation work?

Manifesting is something that you are already doing every day.

On the physical level manifestation can be seen as the process you use to get to your goal, generally with lots of hard work, determination and a bit of good luck. This "good luck" is essential to our success and is completely out of our control ... or is it?

Manifestation is all about your vibration - everything on this planet is made up of vibrating atoms of varying densities. As humans (99.9% empty space) our energy vibrations interact with the energy around sending out messages on many different levels for many different reasons. This may be a conscious communication like asking directly for help (our voices vibrate a message) or a not so conscious communication like the body producing pheromones (expressing fear or promoting availability to the opposite sex), Our energy field is also communicating to the world expressing familial patterns, past traumas, our mood, whether we are enjoying peoples company etc. and on this level it becomes evident when people are being sincere, keeping secretes or holding shame etc from the past.

It is through our vibration that we send a message to the world describing what we believe will happen (often on a subconscious level) in our lives day-today and long-term. These beliefs (both conscious and unconscious) affect our expectations, creativity, integrations with people on a personal level and affect the energy of the group consciousness. It is through our vibration that we become involved in creating our good (or bad) luck, otherwise described as manifestation.


When we wake up on the "wrong side of the bed" feeling tense and irritated, we tend to continue the day with this vibe and nothing seems to work easily for us. We find ourselves running late, the kids wont cooperate, we cant find things etc. - Like attracts like.

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