Manifestation Part 2 of 8 - Are you carrying too much emotional baggage?

We may find ourselves frozen in fear or beating ourselves up about the past over and over again.

This is so unhealthy for the body and does not help us achieve anything. It just keeps us stuck. On some level it is a part of our psyche trying to keep us immobilised and "safe". But is not the happy life we came to earth to live. These types of patterns can make people lonely (no matter how many people are in thier lives), bitter and often physically sick because the stress/ shame/ fear has caused inflammation, poor digestion, acidity etc. in the body.

When there is too much going on in the energy field (eg. we are holding on too much sadness from the past and/ or are living too much in fear of the future) it is very difficult to take any of the necessary steps for positive manifestation to occur

such as:-

1. decide what we want,

2. send a clear message, asking for what we want.

3. trust that anything will happen.

4. allow the new energy to unfold.

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