Manifestation Part 3 of 8 - Limiting Beliefs and how to heal them

We all have limiting beliefs that may have been passed down from our parents, their parents, societies current beliefs, our experiences etc. But as we know our beliefs are often only subjective and relevant to our current experience. Our beliefs are changing all the time.

Identifying limiting beliefs helps us to see more clearly where we are creating suffering for ourselves in our lives. For instance, wanting to be a star ballerina and not liking the way we look or thinking we aren't good enough will eventually over power and affect any of our natural talents.

Limiting beliefs can have some benefit in protecting us from dangerous situations eg. I might not be able to leap across that ravine maybe I should walk around until I am a bit fitter, stronger and more agile. But when we use limiting beliefs to protect ourselves from being hurt/saddened/disappointed we need to investigate if the beliefs are serving us and if they are just holding us back.

Limiting beliefs can stop us from seeing what is really happening in our lives.

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