Manifestation Part 4 of 8 - The Subconscious Mind - what is it?

The subconscious mind is believed to make up 95% of our brain functions and is where many of our deeply ingrained beliefs are stored. It is the quiet mind, the body mind. The subconscious mind incorporates neurological activity occuring within each of the energy centres within the body and is communicating constantly with the energy around.

Each energy centre has its own biological makeup. its own glands, hormones, chemicals, and individual mini brains ( a plexus of neurons):-

1 base - sexual glands - Inferior mesenteric plexus - survival centre - physical identity

2 sacral - digestive and pancreatic glands - creativity centre - emotional identity

3 solar plexus - adrenal gland - solar/celiac plexus - power centre - ego identity

4 heart - thymus gland - heart plexus - social identity

5 throat - thyroid gland - thyroid plexus - communication centre - creative identity

6 third eye - pineal gland - pineal plexus - intuitive centre - living in the moment7 crown - pituitary gland - pituitary plexus - connection with the divine - ego less

We are wearing our emotions/feelings and perhaps thoughts and memories in our energy field - how we are feeling affects all our interactions and which energies and people we attract or repel.

We cant hide anything, not matter how hard we try.


Becoming Supernatural, Dr Joe Dispenza (2017)

The power of your subconscious mind, Joseph Murphy (2005).

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