Manifestation Part 6 of 8 - Things in your life will not change if your habits stay the same.

Updated: Jan 15

Identify some of the things that could be improved in your life eg. commit to meditating every day, drink less coffee, get more sleep.

Most impacting changes include-

1 Daily meditation (including the grounding exercise).

2 Being kinder and more patient with yourself and others. Speaking kindly to yourself.

3 Always choose to move towards a happier state, this might mean noticing you are stuck in a repetitive through pattern and choosing to break that pattern eg. consciously thinking about something that makes you happy and smiling (stimulating some happy hormones in the body), going for a walk, dancing to some music you love, grounding, meditating.

4 Acknowledge any uncomfortable feelings that may come up but not giving them your focus/power and not trying to solve the old unsolvable stuff. Forgive yourself and others for the past. It was not your fault (you did the best thing you could do at the time), nothing is really personal (no matter how personal it feels), your thoughts and memories are subjective and so are often not realistic eg. they are often swayed to suit an old pattern of behaviour making you the victim or making you feel ashamed or angry with yourself for your actions.

5. Make a habit of acknowledging the good in your life and be thankful. There is always something good even if that is as simple as stopping what you are doing and focusing on the feeling of the breath as it moves the body ... AMAZING!!!

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