Manifestation Part 8 of 8 - Manifestation Tools

1 Allow time to get into a Meditative state, Relax, Ground yourself. and allow life energy to fill you.

2 Feel with Intensity the feeling of the goal already having been achieved (visualise, get excited while staying very grounded)

3 Acknowledge any resistance but don't give it your focus. Don't try to process it. Move back to feeling joyous and excited about your goal.

4 Allow yourself to feel the result of your goal, let all of the plans of how you would get your goal go. You are giving control over to the universe and trusting that the universe will hear your wish and bring the result in the best way possible. Acknowledge that you do not have all the information and could never do as good a job as the universe. So you let go and feel the joy and freedom.

5 Feel gratitude and give thanks, feel humble and blessed and let any remaining feelings of contraction or fear go.

Let the quiet joy and gentle power of the universe fill your being.

Example Affirmation

I will keep doing what I do but with an openness, allowing new information and possibilities in (where I may have been closed off before), staying open and saying yes to life. I know that my goal is achieved. I feel a change has occurred within my being. Thank you divine Grace/Universe/God.

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